Creating Online Tickets to Avail Technical Support from Batoi

The Batoi Priority Support Team is responsible for technical support for enterprise customers through online tickets, remote help tools (like Google Chrome Remote Desktop and Zoom), and telephone.

Online Tickets

As a customer, you can raise Tickets to alert us about an issue or problem you wish the Batoi Support Team to address.

Why Create an Online Ticket?

Online tickets allow you to report problems or ask for help/action on specific issues to experience seamless services.

  • It is a system of records that helps you keep track of your issue from your customer panel at any time. As details and responses related to the issue are recorded in the ticket system, you do not need to repeat your problem or re-explain it again and again to different customer support personnel - a common problem when you miss a conversation over the phone.
  • A request is automatically moved to the relevant department, which ensures speedy resolution of the issues.
  • The ticket system is easy to access as you can raise tickets directly from within your customer panel anytime at your convenience. As it is a written and registered complaint, you are always informed of the updates until it is resolved.
  • It gives visibility and clarity to your issue, as you can include screenshots or multiple attachments with a ticket to provide a more apparent description of the issue.

Who Can Create/View the Online Tickets?

  • Customers registered with Batoi can create/view the tickets using their registered email address (the email address used to create the customer account in Batoi).
  • Sub-users of the registered customers can create/view tickets using their registered sub-user email address (the email address that was used to create a sub-user account for a customer in Batoi ). They can create/view tickets based on the access rights provided to them by the customer.

View Tickets

Login to your customer panel. Click on the 'Tickets' menu to view the tickets created by you or the sub-users created under your account. The Ticket list page provides a graphical display of the ticket type (tech or billing), the date on which the ticket was raised, the Ticket ID (the unique identifier assigned to a ticket), and the Ticket Status.

Each ticket has a status indication. The available statuses are:

  • In Progress: This is the default status set upon creation.
  • Waiting for Response: After a response has been supplied by Batoi Support - either requesting more information or containing a possible solution - the status will be set to "Waiting for Response" - it is your turn to get involved again.
  • Closed: After the purpose of a ticket raised by you is met, the status will be set to "Closed".

Create a Ticket

To create a ticket, enter the details in the add ticket page in the requisite fields. You can also upload a file as an attachment to your ticket.

Once you create a new ticket, it is generated with a unique 'Ticket ID' (valid for future communications regarding the issue).

What Should You Include in Your Ticket?

It is important to make sure that you include some basic information, such as a description of the issue, any history of the issue, any error messages you are receiving, steps we can take to replicate the issue, whether any changes were made by you/your team just prior to the start of the issue you are facing etc. Gathering these specific information can help us gain some insight into the issue you need help resolving.

What Happens Next?

The ticket automatically moves to the relevant department, and we shall respond. If we need more information or if we submit a reply to your query, you will automatically receive an email notifying you about the ticket update. When your issue has been resolved, you can close the ticket but still access it from the customer portal.