Batoi Partners Program

Enhance your digital technology business profitability. Join the Batoi Partners Program. We welcome IT Solution Providers, Web Developers, Hosting Companies, and Content Publishers for a mutually beneficial partnership with Batoi.
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Cloud Apps for Business
Market Outreach Partner (MOP)
If you are a mid-sized or large digital solution provider, partner with Batoi to execute digital transformation projects or develop your new solutions. We help build software systems that scale and are secure.
Workspace, Sites and API
Software Integration Partner (SIP)
If you are a software product company with business or automation applications, integrate with the Batoi RAD Platform to increase your product’s outreach and profitability.
Secured Infrastructure
Entrepreneurial and Institutional Partner (EIP)
If you are an educational institution, training provider, or organization running skill development programs, partner with Batoi to augment your programs with RAD and next-generation technologies training. Collaborate with Batoi Research Group.

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