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Managed Services

Batoi offers consulting for digital transformation, guided onboarding and training for enterprise solutions, proactive monitoring, maintenance and disaster recovery for the digital infrastructure, and priority technical support.

Consulting on Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity

Batoi provides consulting services and implements comprehensive best practices for data security for an organisation.

The core strength lies in low-code DevOps and application security.
strong expertise in implementing secure distributed and cloud-native software architecture, and making improvements in security and performance of the existing applications.

Guided Onboarding and Training

The global delivery process at Batoi for Enterprise includes guided onboarding of the new customers and comprehensive traning to enable a smooth transition of business processes into the new digital infrastructure.

Batoi Managed Service Consultants (MSC) help you onboard for a new subscription of SaaS or implementation of a private deployment - products from both Batoi and the partners.
Batoi Priority Support Team (PST) organize the training tracks and conduct training sessions as specified on SLA or SoW or MoA (as appropriate).

Proactive Monitoring and Disaster-Recovery Service

The Batoi Priority Support Team (PST) reviews requirements for backup devices, their types and locations,

and backup schedule based on feedback/inputs from the Account Manager (AM) and Managed Service Consultants (MSC) in the charge of the project
Then they set up a monitoring tool and procedure for system availability and usages tracking apart from notifications and alerts (on service breakdown or maintenance) as desired from the standpoint of operation at the customer-end.

Priority Technical Support

The Batoi Priority Support Team (PST) is responsible for technical support for enterprise customers during the service period through online tickets, remote help tools (like TeamViewer) and telephone.

Customer may choose to contact the Batoi Priority Support Team online through support ticket, chat and remote Help.
Priority Support Team provides unlimited telephone support relating to the implementation, configuration, use and operation of the Software Applications or problems therewith.

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