Priority Support

Under Priority Support, the Batoi Support Team is responsible for technical support for enterprise customers through online tickets, remote help tools (like Google Chrome Remote Desktop and Zoom), and telephone.
Unlimited telephone support relating to the software applications' implementation, configuration, use, and operation.
Customized training sessions for enterprise users availing managed services as per the SLA, SoW, or MoA (as appropriate).
Priority Support
Under Priority Support, the Batoi Support Team will provide technical support and maintenance services during the service period as below
Online Ticket
The customer (the users who are registered - as decided by the customer - to interact with the Priority Support Team) may create an online Ticket within their Batoi Account or send an email to the Support from their registered email ID. The Batoi Support Team provides quick assistance when an issue is encountered (maximum within one business day).
Chat and Remote Help
Customers may contact the Batoi Priority Support Team online. The expected response time is approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Telephone support is available during business hours, being 9 AM IST to 5 PM IST, Monday through Friday.
Telephone Support
Batoi Priority Support Team provides telephone support relating to the implementation, configuration, use, and operation of software applications or problems therein. Telephone support is available during business hours, being 9 AM IST to 5 PM IST, Monday through Friday.

Prioritisation of Problem Resolution

The following table details how the priority level is managed at Batoi.
Priority Levels Response Time Description of the Issue or Service Request Expected Resolution
Priority 1 <= 1 business day The highest - indicates system inaccessibility due to breakdown, or serious impairment to service, which cannot be circumvented. Examples: Outages of server hardware, software, and network. Upon the receipt of the issue, Batoi Priority Support Team makes an effort to restore the service(s) or provide an ETA if it is a larger issue.
Priority 2 2-5 business days The issue impacts business operations, but the application is still functional. Examples: Slow response time, an incorrect calculation that can be manually updated, or any issue for which there is a workaround. A workaround is available. Instructions made available to users, internal help files/ videos, etc.
Priority 3 5-15 business days Possible impact on business. Good to have, but not an essential functionality. Classified as a low impact, low priority issue or enhancement request. Examples: An action is performed, but UI is not refreshed, an alert for a user action was not delivered, etc. Identify the root cause, and determine if it is a software defect or lower priority enhancement; it should be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release if the software does not function in accordance with the application documentation.
Priority 4 Beyond 15 days The cosmetic issue, no major business impact. Items identified as changes in the customer business rules that are incompatible with the current software applications and documentation. Identify the root cause and a determination made if Batoi Priority Support Team considers this a bug and will determine a schedule for release. It can be an enhancement that will be added to a future scheduled release or custom work chargeable to the customer.

Escalation of Notification

If any given problem cannot be handled in the time set forth below (based on Priority Level), the customer shall have access to higher-level management personnel of Batoi in accordance with the chart below. For example, if a customer user cannot contact the Batoi Priority Support Team for a Priority 1 issue within one (1) day, the customer user may attempt to contact the Account Manager, and so on.
Management Level Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4
Batoi Priority Support Team 4 business hours 1 business day 3 business days 1 week
Account Manager 1 business day 2 business days 1 week 2 weeks
Executive Management 2 business days 5 business days 2 weeks 1 month

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