Domain Name Whois Data Reminders from Batoi

This article explains how the registrants of a domain name can maintain updated Whois contact details and can perform a Whois lookup to see the modification.

Batoi sends an email to the Registrants of a domain name (for some extensions such as .com, info, .net, .org etc) 6 months from the domain name registration date, and every subsequent year on the same day while the domain name Registration is in effect, reminding the Registrants to maintain updated Whois Contact Details to enable third parties with specific inquiries or concerns, to use the Contact records, to accurately determine who should act upon specific issues, related to a domain name record.

Note: This email is also sent to the Registrant of a domain name that is transferred to Batoi, from another Registrar.

  1. The e-mail consists of the following fields:
    a. Domain Name
    b. Registrar Name
    c. Domain Name Contact Information (Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing)
    d. Creation and Expiry Date
    e. Name Servers
  2. In the event the Contact Data is inaccurate, you need to update the same to reflect the correct Contact Data. Once you have made the modifications and saved them, they will reflect in the Whois Database immediately. You can perform a Whois Lookup to see the modifications. However, if your review indicates that all of the information related to your domain name is accurate, you do not need to take any action.