Performance Optimisation of a Story Portal

The story portal was already built and needed performance optimisation.

Aug 7, 2021


The project involved optimizing the performance of an emerging story portal for higher traffic and reducing bandwidth for download at the visitor's side.

Situation/ Problem

The story portal was already built and needed performance optimisation.


We analysed various aspects of optimisation mechanisms after testing the performance status of the website with our proprietary testing tools. Then we focused on reducing the number of HTTP-requests, compressing CSS and JavaScript, reducing the size of background images with CSS sprites, and minifying JavaScript. The task is divided into four items:

  1. Activating Apache HTTP compression. 2, Reducing the number of HTTP calls per page by utilising run-time aggregation and cache of JavaScript/CSS.
  2. Enabling cache for content, images and scripts.
  3. Enhancing usability during the slowed download and supporting image caching.
  4. We also enabled a server-side cache to save load on the database.


The website was a lot more fast and loaded quickly. The client is now able to use the website for online publishing successfully.

... made lots of efforts to meet the project goals, ...was very cooperative and responsive. - Avi Katz, Owner of the Story Portal

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