Customisable E-Commerce System

The client wanted a customisable e-commerce system to manage its sales activities

Batoi Press Aug 7, 2021


A major online directory submission and SEO provider is using the e-commerce system for receiving, tracking and managing its sales.

Situation/ Problem

  1. The client wanted a customisable e-commerce system to manage its sales activities. The process was quite cumbersome due to varying parameters involved in each of the packages being sold. Moreover, the client required automation of the entire process of receiving, tracking and executing the sales.

  2. The major aspects of the application are to provide a customisable sales package management system and reporting module.


  1. The approach of Batoi was to understand the business process of the client and to create a system that can be customised to the requirements. Also, we had to keep in mind the fast changing process of the concerned industry.

  2. We created three separate modules to implement the whole system. The first one is the package creation module which enables the site owner to build custom packages with pricing models and appropriate discount schemes based on business demands. The second module controlled the display of sales front-end and the initial sales process. The third module enabled the Account Manager to execute the sales orders and to create reports upon successful execution.


The online business backend has been automated with a resultant faster sales cycle and better productivity.

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