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Setting up POP/IMAP Email on an Apple iPhone

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This guide will walk you through the POP/IMAP mail setup on Apple iPhone.

  1. Go to system 'Settings'.
  2. Go to 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'.
  3. Under accounts, touch 'Add Account'.
  4. Choose 'Other'.
  5. Touch 'Add Mail Account'.
  6. Enter 'Your Name', 'Full Email Address' and 'Password' for the email account. The description field can be filled in as you see fit.
  7. After hitting 'Next' you will need to enter in our mail server information. For Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server hostname enter ''mail.yourdomainname.tld'' and for user name enter the full email address. Example 'abc@yourdomainname.com'. If the password field is not filled in, re-enter it again.
  8. Now you are all set. Save the settings and then touch the 'Mail' icon to begin retrieving your email.

You are done with.

Updated on Nov 11, 2015

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