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Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress

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Password Protect a Page or Post in WordPress

WordPress comes with some basic content visibility options that allows you to control who can see your posts/pages on an individual basis. In this article, we will guide you how to create a password protected page or post in WordPress.

  1. When you have finished with writing the post and you are on the "Add New Post" screen, you should see a box labeled, "Publish" to your right. There you can find an option called "Visibility" as shown below. The default state of posts and pages is "Public."

    Figure One

  2. Click on the "Edit" link besides "Visibility" as shown above. You have the following option to set for the blog as shown below.

    Figure Two

    a. Public: Public visibility means that the content will be visible to anyone and everyone as soon as it is published.
    b. Password Protected: Password Protected content is not immediately visible to anyone and everyone.
    c. Private: Private content is published only for you, or for only those with authorization permission levels to see private content. Private content can be seen only when the users with appropriate permission levels (Administrator or Editor) are logged in to WordPress.
    Note: If your website has multiple editors or administrators, they will be able to see your protected and private posts in the Edit screen. They do not need the password to be able to see your protected posts. They can also see the private posts in the Edit posts/pages list, and can modify them, or even make them public.
  3. To password protect a post, click the "Password Protected" radio button.
  4. Upon doing so a further text box to appear, as shown above.
  5. Enter a password and click the "OK" button and then the "Publish" button as shown above.
  6. Your post is now password protected. Now, visitors to your website will be prompted to enter the password if they want to see the content of the post as shown below.
  7. Figure Three

    Note: You need to share the password with the visitors, who can see the content of the post.
  8. Once they enter the password and hit the "Enter" button as shown above, they will be able to see the content of the post.

You can follow the same steps to password protect a page in WordPress as well.

Updated on Oct 27, 2016

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