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Import Data from Excel Sheet to MySQL Database Table using PHP

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The following steps are required to import data from excel sheet to mysal database table.

Step 1: Convert the Excel Sheet into a '.csv' File

Save the excel sheet into a csv file using comma (,) as separator and double quotes (") as field delimeter. You may select other symbols as separator or field delimeter.

Step 2: Create a File Upload Form

Use the following code to create a file upload form.

Step 3: Create a function to import data from csv file

Use the following php code in your class file to import data

function importdata()
	//Upload the file to a directory present in server
	$sFileName = $_FILES["fileCSV"]['name'];
	$sTmpFileName = $_FILES["fileCSV"]['tmp_name'];
	$sExistingFileName 	= basename($sFileName);
	$aFilename    		= explode(".",$sExistingFileName);
	$sExtName    		= array_pop($aFilename);
	$sPostFileName       = $aFilename[0];
	$sDirPath          = './files/csv-files/';
	$sNewFileName      = $sPostFileName.'.'.$sExtName;
	$sFileOrigPath     = $sDirPath.$sNewFileName;
	if(move_uploaded_file($sTmpFileName, $sFileOrigPath))
	   $sNewFile      = $sNewFileName;
	//Read the file from the directory	
	if (($getfile = fopen($sFileOrigPath, "r")) !== FALSE) //$sFileOrigPath: Path of directory where CSV file is uploaded
		$data = fgetcsv($getfile, 1000, ","); //fgetcsv  Gets line from file pointer and parse for CSV fields
		while (($data = fgetcsv($getfile, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE) 
			$iNum = count($data);
			$sResult = $data;
			$sCSVData = implode(",", $sResult);
			$aCSVData = explode(",", $sCSVData);
			$sColumn1 = $aCSVData[0];//Values of first column in excel sheet
			$sColumn1 = $aCSVData[1];//Values of second column in excel sheet
			$sColumn1 = $aCSVData[2];//Values of third column in excel sheet
			//Add a PDO insert statement to add data into the database table
			$oStmt = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO tablename SET table_column_1 = '$sColumn1', table_column_2 = '$sColumn2', table_column_3 = '$sColumn3'");

Updated on Aug 31, 2016

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