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How to Migrate your Emails to Microsoft Office365

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This guide will walk you through migrating your emails IDs from your present mail client to Microsoft Office365 portal.

Login to your Office365 account as 'Administrator' using your credential.

On the 'Dashboard' you can find the link 'Admin' as shown below.
Figure One

Click on the 'Admin' link and you will be redirected to the admin portal of your 'Office365' as shown below.
Figure Two

On the 'Dashboard' of your admin panel, click on the sub menu 'Data Migration' from the menu 'Setup' as shown below.
Figure Three

On the 'Data Migration' page you will find the different 'Email Client' section as shown below.
Figure Four

Click on the desired 'Email Client' from which you want to migrate the mails. Here we are choosing the 'Gmail' as our mail client from which we want to migrate the mails to Office365.

Once you click the link, you will be redirecting to a page as shown below.
Figure Five.
Click on the button 'Setting' to enter the details of your present emails as shown above.

On the setting page click on the button 'Edit' as shown below.
Figure Six.

In the 'Edit' page enter the details of your present email client and press the button 'Save' as shown below.
Figure Seven

Click on the button 'Start Migration' and the process will start as shown below.
Figure Eight
NOTE: This migration process will be applicable for all other emails clients like 'Outlook', 'Hotmail', 'Yahoo', 'Other Email Sources' and 'Exchange'.

Email migration process by using a 'PST' file is little different from above mention process.

To migrate using a 'PST', click on the link 'Upload PST File' as shown below.
Figure Nine

You need to create a new job by clicking the button 'New Import Job' to start the PSF migration as shown below.
Figure Ten

On the To 'New Import Job' page enter the 'Title' of the new job and click 'Next' as shown below.
Figure Eleven

Next you need to select the upload type and click 'Next' as shown below.
Figure Twelve
NOTE: Here we are choosing Upload Your Date for migration.

Here you need to copy the 'SAS URL', and 'Click on the Checkboxes’ as shown below and click 'Next'.
Figure Thirteen
NOTE: Before clicking the 'Next' button, download the 'Azure AzCopy' application to your local computer.

Now you can upload the CSV mapping file by clicking the button 'Select the Mapping File' as shown below and press the button 'Save'.
Figure Fourteen

Now the migration process will start and import all the emails to your 'Office365' account.

Updated on Jun 24, 2018

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