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How to Map your Domain Name to your Office365 Account

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This guide will walk you through mapping your domain name to your Office365 account.

Login to your Office365 account as 'Administrator' using your credential.

On the 'Dashboard' you can find the link 'Admin' as shown below.
Figure One

Click on the 'Admin' link and you will be redirected to the admin portal of your 'Office365' as shown below.
Figure Two

On the 'Dashboard' of your admin panel, click on the sub menu 'Domains' from the menu 'Setup' as shown below.
Figure Three

Click the button 'Add Domain' on the 'Domains' page as shown below.
Figure Four

Once you click the button 'Add Domain', a pop-up page will open where you need to add the desired 'Domain Name' which you want to map. Once you add the 'Domain Name', click on the button 'Next' as shown below and Office365 will start the process of adding your domain name to the portal.
Figure Five.

Next you need to verify the domain name by adding the 'TXT Record' in your 'Domain Control Panel' as shown below.
Figure Six.

Once you save the 'TXT Record' in your 'Domain Control Panel', press the button 'Verify' as shown above and once the verification is over you will be prompt with the message as shown below.
Figure Seven
Click the button 'Next'.

On the next page you need to set your online services. By default, 'Exchange' will be selected as your online services for your new domain. If you want to change or add other services like 'Skype for Business' and 'Mobile Device Management for Office365', click on the check boxes and press the button 'Next' as shown below.
Figure Eight

On the next page, you will find some 'DNS' parameters that you need to add to the domain name as shown below.
Figure Nine
Copy the values individually and add it to your domain name and once it is done click the button 'Verify' as shown above.

Once the process is over, you will find the domain name added to your office365 account as shown below.
Figure Ten

Now go to 'Add User' under 'Active Users' sub menu under 'Users' menu from your office365 admin panel and click on the 'Domain' dropdown menu and you will find the newly added domain name in list as shown below.
Figure Eleven

Updated on Jul 02, 2018

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