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How to Install Slider Revolution in Your WordPress Admin Panel

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This guide will walk you through installing Plugin 'Slider Revolution' in your WordPress admin panel.

Before installing the plugin, you should know the below points:

  • 'What Is Slider Revolution?'
  • 'Why Should You Use It?'
  • 'Main Features Of Slider Revolution.'

What Is Slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution is a popular plugin that allows you to setup a slideshow on your website without writing any code.

Why Should You Use It?

Most WordPress themes do not have built-in slideshows or featured posts sections in its design. In WordPress, you can use a plugin to get that job done. Slider Revolution is not just another slideshow plugin but it comes with lots of additional features. In addition to creating slideshows, you can use Slider Revolution to also create carousels, social media feeds, galleries for websites.

Main Features Of Slider Revolution.

  1. Simple Visual Editor
  2. Over 140+ Pre-Made Templates
  3. A Massive Objects Library
  4. Create Whiteboard Videos
  5. Responsive Designs

Step 1: Install Slider Revolution

You can purchase the 'Slider Revolution' from CodeCanyon and download the plugin file to you local computer as shown below.
Figure One

Once the file has been downloaded, it comes with all the example sliders files.

You need to unzip the folder and find the plugin zip file 'revslider.zip' and upload it from your WordPress dashboard as shown below.
Figure Two

Once the installation is complete, go over to the Slider Revolution page on your WordPress dashboard and Activate the plugin to enjoy automatic plugin updates and access to a set of premium slider templates as shown below.
Figure Three
NOTE: If the plugin comes with the theme packages, you can get only the stand-alone version of it. You will not able to get the Premium Benefits of the plugin. In order to get all the Premium Benefits, you need to purchase the plugin individually.

Once you have purchased the stand-alone version, you do not need to uninstall your theme's version. You only need to register your purchase code.

Once your 'purchase code' has been officially registered, you will gain access to special features such as the 'Free Premium Templates' available for Slider Revolution.

Step 2: Create Your First Slider

To create your first slider, go to Slider section from in the list page and select create 'New Slider' as shown below.
Figure Four

On the 'Create Slider' page, choose what type of slider you would like to create as shown below.
Figure Five
NOTE: You can create a 'Default Slider', 'Posts Based Slider', 'Instagram Stream Slider', 'WooCommerce Products Slider', 'YouTube Videos Slider' and many more.

Once you choose the slider type, give your slider a 'Name' and an 'Alias' to easily recognize it in the future. Here you can also generate a Shortcode based on your alias as shown below.
Figure Six.
NOTE: You can use the shortcode to embed your slider into anywhere on your theme.

In the next section, you can select the type of your slider. Whether you want it to be a 'Slider' or a 'Carousel' or a 'Hero Scene' as shown below.
Figure Seven

In the next section, you can select the 'Slide Layout' type. Whether you want it to be a 'Auto' or a 'Full Width' or a 'Full Screen' layout as shown below.
Figure Eight

Once you select all the setting, press the button 'Save Changes' as shown below.
Figure Nine

Now you can find the new slider that you have created on the tab section of the slider list page as shown below.
Figure Ten

To add different layers, go to 'Add Layer' section as shown below. Here you can able yo add 'Images', 'Text', 'Audio', 'Video', and more by adding new Layers.
Figure Eleveen

You can also access the 'Object Library' to add icons and backgrounds as object layers as shown below.
Figure Twelve

You can also add 'Animations', 'Create Loops', 'Customize Behavior' and do much more as shown below
Figure Thirteen

To add a new slide, click on the 'Add Slide' section from the top of the page as shown below.
Figure Fourteen

Once you have created all the slider, click on the button 'Save' as shown below and your slider will be created.
Figure Fifteen

Step 3: Importing Sliders From Templates

Slider Revolution comes with a set of pre-made slideshow examples that you can use to instantly create a professional slideshow.

To import a slideshow, click on the link 'Import Slider' as shown below.
Figure Sixteen

Choose the 'Slider ZIP Folder' from your local drive and click the button 'Import Slider'as shown below.
Figure Seventeen

Once the import process is over, you can find the new slider in the list page as shown below. Now you can customize it with your own content to make the slideshow your own.
Figure Eighteen

Step 4: Custom Landing Pages With Slideshows

You can embeed the 'Slider Revolution' code to any of your page and post. To do so, open the page or post where you want to add the 'Slider Revolution'.

Choose the template as 'Slider Revolution Blank Template' from the 'Page Attributes' section and paste the 'Slider Revolution Short Code' in the 'Content' section of the page as shown below.
Figure Nineteen

Click on the button 'Publish' and your slider will be published in the desired page or post as shown below.
Figure Twenty

Updated on Jun 16, 2018

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