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Forward a Domain Name to a Different Website

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This article describes how you can forward a domain name to a different website.

To forward a domain name to a different website, follow the steps as mentioned below.

  1. Login to your Service Dashboard for domains.
    Note: The 'Username' and 'Password' to log into the Service Dashboard for domains shall be provided to you by Batoi Support Team after you sign up for a domain name service. If you do not have the correct login credentials, please contact Batoi Support Desk via phone or create a support ticket for help.
  2. In the Menu, point to 'Manage Orders' and then click 'List/Search Orders' as shown below.
  3. Figure One

  4. Upon doing so, you would see a list of all your Domain Names registered as shown below. Click any domain name to reach its 'Overview'.
  5. Figure Two

  6. Then scroll down to the 'Domain Forwarding' section and click on the link 'Manage Domain Forwarding' as shown below.
  7. Figure Three

    Note: The 'Domain Forwarding Service' gets activated, when you click the 'Manage Domain Forwarding' link for the first time.
  8. Upon doing so a pop-up window shall appear as shown below.
  9. Figure Four

  10. Enter the 'Destination URL' in the text box provided as shown above. This may be of the form 'domain.com', 'www.domain.com', 'www.domain.com/index/index.html', 'subdomain.domain.com ' etc.
  11. You may also choose 'http' or 'https' protocol from the dropdown menu and then click 'Save' button.
    Note: Please note that it may take up to 24 to 48 hours before these changes to take effect.

Updated on Sep 10, 2016

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