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Creating Transactional SMS Panel with Batoi SMS Portal

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This guide will walk you through creating transactional SMS panel with Batoi SMS portal.

  1. Go to http://smsindia.batoi.hosting/ and click on the link 'Sign Up' as shown below.
    Figure One
  2. Fill up the 'Email Address' and enter the 'captcha' text and press the button 'Create Account' as shown below.
    Figure Two
  3. Once you submit the form an 'Account Activation' email will be sent to the email ID as shown below.
    Figure Three
  4. Go to your 'Inbox' and you will find the activation email with the link as shown below.
    Figure Four
  5. Click on the activation link as shown above and you will proceed to the 'Step 2' for activating your account as shown below.
    Figure Five
  6. Fill up the mandatory fields as shown above.
    NOTE: During this process you need to verify your mobile number.
  7. Once you mobile number is verified, click the check box 'Accept Terms & Conditions' and click on the button 'Activate my account' as shown above.
  8. Once the process over the system will redirect you to the 'Dashboard' of the SMS portal as shown below.
    Figure Six
    NOTE: By activating your SMS portal with Batoi, you will get 100 SMS credits to your account as shown above.

You are done with.

Updated on May 30, 2018

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