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Creating a Sender ID for Broadcasting Transactional SMS

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This guide will walk you through creating a Sender ID for sending transactional SMS.

  1. Create an 'Account' in 'transactional SMS portal'. If you do not have an 'Account', then create an account by clicking on the link Creating Transactional SMS Panel

  2. To create a 'Sender ID' in 'transactional SMS portal' you need to 'Sign' a consent form with all the necessarhy details in your 'Company Letterhead'.
    NOTE: The Sender ID is subject to availability.

  3. Once you create and signed the 'Consent Form', send the scan copy of it to use for processing.

  4. You can download the sample 'Consent Form' by clicing the link Consent Form.

  5. Normally it will take around '7 Working Days' to process and assign the desired 'Sender ID' to your panel.

  6. You can find the list of approved 'Sender ID' in your panel. To check the 'Sender ID', go to 'Setting' and click the menu 'All Setting' in your SMS panel as shown below.
    Figure One
  7. In the list page, you will find the section 'Sender Names' as shown below.
    Figure Two
  8. Click on the link 'Sender Names' and you will find the approved 'Sender ID' listed there as shown below.
    Figure Three
  9. Now you can apply for new 'Sender ID' by yourself from the panel. To apply for a new 'Sender ID', click on the button 'New' located on the top of the sender ID list page as shown above.

  10. Once you click the button 'New', a pop-up window will open where you can type your desired 'Sender ID' and press the button 'Create' as shown below.
    NOTE: The Sender ID is subject to availability and can be assign to you once approved.
    Figure Four

If you are facing any problems regarding the use of 'API Key', email us at Batoi Support from your registered email ID* or you can call us at +91 (0) 706 444 1000.
* Primary email ID of your Batoi Panel.

Updated on Jun 03, 2018

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