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Infrastructure and Platform Solutions

Consulting and implementation of IT infrastructure provisioning and setting up Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

Cloud Application Infrastructure Setup and Management

Our experienced specialists can help you setup your cloud infrastructure and manage too.

Consulting on IT infrastructure provisioning and setting up Private Cloud onsite.

Assessing the infrastructure needs for given application deployment and usages scenarios.

Auditing an existing application or cloud infrastructure from the point of view of performance, security and optimal resource deployment.


Shared Hosting

Private Hosting

Storage and Backups

Hybrid Hosting

Office and Emails

SSL Certificates

Transactional SMS/Email

Website and E-Commerce

Feature-rich Email Solutions for Your Business

Cloud based email, collaboration tools and documents that allow you and your team to connect from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Cloud Email Solution: Get a robust and scalable mailing solution for your business on cloud . No upfront investment on infrastructure.
  • High-level Data Security: Firewall, Port Scanning and Monitoring. We make sure that all your mail transactions are secured. Data encryption technique in place to hide your data during transmission to ensure that it cannot be accessed by internet crooks.
  • Storage Management and Scaling: No need to worry about running out of space. Get upto 12 GB dedicated storage (10GB of Email storage and an added 2GB for files) per email account.
  • Mobile Synchronization: Synchronize your email to your devices real-time. Have access anytime and from anywhere and on any device - be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone or Tablet.
  • System Integration: We help integrate your email system with other software applications.
  • Premium Support: Dedicated account manager available at the time of need to get your issue resolved in time.

On demand live streaming of video to web, mobile and connected devices

Carrier grade and cost-effective solution for broadcasting live video online. Highly scalable solution enables both TV Broadcasters and event organizers reach a global audience. Simple setup and configuration. Easy to integrate into existing website page.

  • Best suited for media companies, event broadcasting, and television networks: Deploy multiprotocol media streaming that scales dynamically to meet your business needs. Deliver video using HTTP for Flash Player compatible and iOS devices without preparing the assets ahead of time, and on the protocol of your choice.
  • Monitisation: Protect and monetize your HD video with easy-to-use content protection built on Adobe Access Software to add massive scale and robust protection to your media assets or live streams.
  • Scalable and Robust Cloud Infrastructure: No up-front investment in software licenses, and no cost for future software upgrades. State-of-the-art cloud infrastructure with latest version of Flash Media Enterprise Server used for your streaming process. Scalable deployment that enable you to achieve multiuser experiences for your audience
  • Minimal Latency: Make your live stream available with simultaneous connections and minimal latency due to global data centers close to your audience. CDN with Global data centers so you're close to your customer
  • Premium Support: Dedicated account manager available at the time of need to get your issue resolved in time.

Start broadcasting your event, or start your online channel today with Batoi.
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Data Migration and Recovery Solutions

Our experienced specialists can make your data migration painless and can help you have an effective disaster recovery plan in place.

We help you simplify your move.

Migrating data between different storage infrastructures is crucial, when you are considering moving large volume of data or important applications. We can help you migrate your servers, databases and applications to ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Having an effective data backup and replication and a disaster recovery plan in place is vital to your business continuity and commercial success. We can help you in restoring IT systems critical for supporting your business functions that are hosted on Batoi infrastructure.

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