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Index, Edit and Retrieve Communication Documents

This article explains how to index, edit and retrieve communication documents

Mail Organizer can help you manage your communication documents efficiently. Its flexible indexing, search and faster retrieval helps you maintain seamless access to documents, thereby increasing your information availability significantly and helps you reduce business cost and address archival and retrieval problems inherent in paper filing systems.

When you enlist a communication document, on the Mail Organizer, it gets indexed (field-based) and full-text, enabling you to quickly search and retrieve documents in many different ways.

To edit a communication document enlisted on the Mail Organizer, enter your 'Username' and 'Password' in the 'Login Screen' of the application and click on the 'Login' button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Upon successful login, you shall land on a page displaying the list of all documents that have been previously enlisted as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2
Figure 2

In the List Page for documents, click on 'Sender Address' of the document entry that you would like to edit as shown in Figure 2.

Upon doing so, the 'View Letter Details' screen shall appear enabling you to view the details of the entry. To edit the entry, click on the 'Edit' button as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3
Figure 3

Upon doing so, the following screen shall appear enabling you to make edits to the entry. Once you are done with the edits, click on the 'Save' button. The entered details will then be saved in the application.

Figure 4
Figure 4

One of the most important requirements when retrieving data is to be able to filter. With the Mail Organizer, you can apply different filters, and the click on the 'Search' button as shown in Figure 5, to quickly and easily find one or a set of enlisted documents that match your specified search criteria.

Figure 5
Figure 5

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