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Migration of Domain Names and Web Hosting from Another Hosting Provider to Batoi

This article provides the detailed information on how to migrate domain names and web hosting from another hosting provider to Batoi.

The major issue that customers like you tell us how difficult it is to migrate their domain names, websites and applications from their previous Provider to Batoi. The situation becomes difficult due to lack of requisite information about their hosting as that supplied by your Provider. To eliminate this gap and to assist you to migrate your sites safely and smoothly to Batoi, we have created this article.

First of all, you need to obtain access to domain name, email, FTP and databases management panel (or site):

  • Access to Domain Name Management: Please demand this. This is a Control Panel where you can access your domain name details like contact information, name server information among others.
  • Access to Your Email, FTP for files and databases, if any: Your website or application may have been hosted on a server with a control panel like cPanel or Plesk or any other. Please know which control panel it is. Usually, you can control your emails, FTP and databases if you have access to your hosting control panel.

Once you have the above access details with you, the Support Team at Batoi can do the entire migration for you as the part of our fully-managed services. If you would like to do the migration yourself, the following instruction will be of help.

Transfer the Domain Name to Batoi

You can transfer your domain name yourself to Batoi using the following information. However, you need to verify the pre-transfer domain checklist as mentioned below first.

Pre-transfer Checklist:

  • Your domain name have been registered with your current registrar for at least 60 days.
    Note: According to the guidelines from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a user cannot transfer his/her domain name from one service provider to another within the first 60 days of his/her domain name service from the existing service provider.
  • Your domain name is not locked.
    Note: For security reasons, your existing service provider or you may have locked the domain name against its transfer. So you need to unlock it. To do so, go to your domain manager control panel with your existing service provider of the domain name and unlock it.
  • Your domain name has not expired.
    Note: If the domain has expired you shall need to renew it with your current registrar before a registrar transfer can occur.
  • The Administrative Contact email address on file for the domain name is a valid working email address.
    Note: If you do not have access to this email address, please contact your current registrar for information on changing it before initiating a registrar transfer request. For the domain transfer process, the new service provider will send an email to your domain's present administrative contact to confirm your domain transfer.

Once you have verified the above steps, you need to place an order at Batoi, to transfer your domain name and Batoi Support Team shall create a customer account for you with the details provided by you and shall send you your Customer ID at Batoi. Now, you are ready to go ahead with the transfer process.

Domain Transfer Process:

  1. Login to your Domain Name Control Panel, search for the domain name that you want to transfer.
  2. Click on Move Services link on the top right-hand side of the screen, to initiate the process.
    Note: Here, you shall have to mention the following details:
    New Customer's ID: The Customer ID is a unique number that will be associated with your Customer's Account at Batoi.
    New Customer's Username: Mention the Customer Username (Your Email Address) that you have provided to Batoi for creating your Customer Account with Batoi.
  3. Select whether you wish to retain the existing Contact Details after the domain name is moved to the new Customer Control Panel. This will keep the Whois Details of your domain name as is, even after moving the domain name. If you do not select this option, then the Contact Details will change to the Default Contacts of the new Customer Control Panel.
  4. Click the Move services to other Customer button.
  5. Confirm that the Customer Account to which you are moving this domain name, is the one you really intend to and click the Confirm and Move button.
  6. Upon doing so an email will be received at your domain name administrative contact Email ID to confirm your domain transfer process. You need to confirm your intent to transfer the domain name, when you receive this email.
  7. After this, it may take 1 - 5 days for the domain name to get transferred to Batoi.

Transfer the Hosting to Batoi

If you want to transfer your hosting to Batoi yourself, you need to take backup of your files and databases on your existing server. If you have also cPanel on your existing server, the task will be quite easy as you have a tool on cPanel to take the entire site backup along with the emails too.

In addition you also need to have requisite information about your hosting and note down the details, in-case you are using the following in your existing hosting panel.

  1. Scriptaculous: A JavaScript library that used to install software or applications on your hosting space with a few clicks.
  2. Cron Tool: For ex. If you are running a script at a regular interval (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly based on your requirements) irrespective of any user event.
  3. Password Protection: If you are protecting any of your public directories on your website with one or more chosen username(s) and password(s).
  4. Email Forwarding: If you are using this to forward all incoming email to another address.
  5. Advanced PHP Features: If you are using advanced PHP features like freetype libraries, PDO for database connectivity, mbstring or suPHP, a tool for executing PHP scripts

Once you purchase a hosting from Batoi, you shall receive the details of your hosting from Batoi, and you can use the information to upload your files and databases to your new server on Batoi Cloud. There are several popular tools that you can use for uploading files and creating databases.

Uploading Your Website Files to New Server on Batoi Cloud

To upload your website files to the new server on Batoi Cloud, you need an FTP client. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, that lets you connect to a host computer with your new hosting account at Batoi Cloud.

For instructions on uploading files with one of the most popular FTP client FileZilla, visit here.

Create and Manage Databases with Linux Cloud Control Panel

For instructions on creating and managing database with Linux Cloud Control Panel visit here.

Changing Your Domain Name Server

In order to complete the transfer of your website hosting, you must change your domain name servers(DNS). A domain name server(DNS) is an address assigned by the computer where your website files are hosted. The address is associated with your domain name so that your website can be viewed on the Internet when someone enters your domain name.

After uploading your website files and database, please change the name servers to Batoi name servers (will be available in your introduction email when you purchase your hosting from us), and change the A record for your site(s) and database hostname in your script on your existing server to the new IP provided by Batoi.

You should be all set in 24 to 48 hours when the DNS propagates successfully, and then you can safely delete all files, databases and emails on your old server.

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