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Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

WordPress has a hidden feature that allows you to schedule your post. This is a very useful feature that many don't know about.
In this article, we will guide you how to schedule your posts in WordPress.

Why Schedule Posts in WordPress?

Scheduling posts can be very handy in different situations. For example, if you are going for a vacation, but you don't want to abandon your blog. So you can schedule your posts in WordPress. This function allows you to stay ahead of yourself by finishing up articles in advance and have them ready to be published automatically.

How to Schedule a Post in WordPress?

When you have finished with writing the post and you are on the 'Add New Post' screen, you should see a box labeled, 'Publish' to your right. Click the 'Edit' link, next to 'Publish Immediately' as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Clicking on the link opens up the option to set an exact date and time to schedule a post in WordPress. You even have the option to post it in the past too (if you need to). You have the following option to change as shown in Figure 2.

  1. Month
  2. Date
  3. Year
  4. Time
Figure 2
Figure 2
Note: The time is based on a 24-hour clock based on your location that you have set up in 'Settings > General'.

Once you have finished editing the time and date, click the 'Schedule' button as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3
Figure 3

The post will automatically get published on your website on the scheduled date and time.

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