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This document contains frequently asked questions about Batoi SSL Certificate service.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate is a digital framework for a website for the process of transaction of data in secured manner. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and nominates the website to transact data in a separate exclusive port. There are many companies offering SSL certificates in the market however quality and consequentially trust lies in their approach to security framework implementation and quality of infrastructure serving certificates.

Essentially a small data file is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) such as GlobalSign for your domain or subdomain. The process of installing SSL Certificate may require varying levels of screen and https connection is established for all data transaction over SSL. SSL can be used to secure data transactions across different services ports like Email, FTP and HTTP.

I do not have an e-commerce website. Why do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a sign of trust and doing business online with confidence. When customers will see an SSL lock sign in the address bar of web browser there is a perception of security. On the other hand your website usually will have contact forms or other forms collecting visitor email and telephone details online. An SSL certificate ensures such sensitive data transactions remain encrypted and provides an assurance to your website visitors against spam and identity theft. Interestingly there is another dimension to SSL implementation on the website in general. Search engines particularly Google adds better relevance to the websites having SSL certificates in their search results. This makes having an SSL on any website irrespective of whether there is an implementation of e-commerce or not, indispensable for your business.

What are the different types of SSL certificates? How do I know which SSL certificate is right for me?

Different types of SSL certificates are issued based on the level of screening required for authentication and issuance of the certificate by any of the Certificate Authorities (CAs) such as GlobalSign. In general there are 3 types like the one validating the domain name, one validating the domain name and organizational details and the third validating an extended list of screening including domain and organizational details.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL: These types of certificates are issued after having minimal validation like domain name. No company identity information is validated and thus not displayed within the certificate. The process of issuing this type of certificate is quick and may vary between few minutes to a couple of hours.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL: The concerned Certificate Authority (CA) validates the domain name and the organization identity details before issuing the certificate. Thus this certificate displays organization identity apart from the domain details. Due to deeper screening procedure, this type of certificate gives more visibility for the domain owner and enables them to build an enhanced trust online.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL: This type of certificate has the maximum validation process and displays both the padlock and the name in green color on the address bar across major browsers. Due to the deepest screening procedures and the strongest encryption level, EV SSL certificates provide the highest level of trust online.

Why Choose GlobalSign over other SSL vendors (Certificate Authorities)?

As a leader in public trust service, GlobalSign has been issuing trusted digital certificates since 1996. As Europe's first CA, and one of the first worldwide, GlobalSign's root certificate is trusted by all major web browsers and devices.

In addition to the GlobalSign credentials as the leader in security services, the managed offerings and support services from Batoi makes provisioning and management of SSL smooth, effortless and compliant with security based practices.

I have several domain names. Will one SSL certificate work for all of them?

No, SSL certificate is issued for one domain and if it is a Wildcard SSL, it will be applicable for all the subdomains of the assigned domain as long as the subdomains reside on the same host.

To elaborate further, an SSL certificate is usually applicable for a single domain for which it has been issued. If the certificate is Wildcard SSL, it will be valid for all the subdomains, on the condition that the subdomains must reside on the same server host. Otherwise separate SSL certificates must be issued for those subdomains. It is also to be noted that EV SSL certificate is only valid for one domain or one subdomain. There is no Wildcard option for it.

Can one SSL certificate be installed on more than one server?

No. One SSL certificate will be applicable to one server where it is installed.

Do I need to have a dedicated IP address to use an SSL certificate?

Usually, you need to have a dedicated IP address to install an SSL certificate. However with new technology adaptation in association with GlobalSign it has been possible to install SSL certificate without having a dedicated IP address.

If I change our IP address do I have to get a new SSL certificate?

You don't need to have a new SSL certificate. Instead, you need to get the SSL certificate reissued without any additional charge (for up to one reissue per year). Please contact Batoi Support team for this.

My website/application is already hosted on the cloud. Do I still need an SSL certificate?

As long as your website or application is hosted on the Batoi Cloud you have a great level of security framework at work to safeguard your data. However, you would use SSL certificate for your own domain name to reinforce trust in your brand and any public compliances.

How long is an SSL certificate valid for?

An SSL certificate is valid for one year to five years (in an increment of 1 year). Even though sometimes the period of validity is extended for an additional one month to three months, this can't be applicable in normal circumstances and within the terms of service contract. Please note that the Extended Validation (EV) certificate is valid for maximum up to 2 years.

If I decide to transfer my hosting account from Batoi, can I move my certificate with me?

When you transfer your hosting from Batoi to another provider you can get the respective SSL certificate reissued. Please note that it is up to your other hosting service provider to install the SSL certificate for your new hosting account with them, though Batoi can provide consulting support (and not direct installation). It should be understood that Batoi provides fully managed services including end to end assistance like installation and training or awareness program as long as the website and application reside on Batoi Cloud infrastructure or with its partners, provided the product or solution is procured through Batoi.

How do I place an order for an SSL certificate?

You can place an order for an SSL certificate on our website or through Batoi Sales or Support Team.

How long does it take to get an SSL certificate to get installed on my website after signing up?

The time duration for issuing an SSL certificate depends on its type. For all Domain Validated (DV) certificates, the time duration is 72 hours (maximum). On the other hand for Organization Validated (OV) certificate and Extended Validation (EV) certificate, it may take up to 2 weeks to get the certificate issued due to a long process of screening by GlobalSign. If the website or application resides on Batoi infrastructure, the installation should be completed within the same time limit.

What is a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a unique string that is produced at the server where your domain or subdomain is hosted. This is usually done by Batoi support team. For external hosting accounts and unmanaged services you will be responsible for obtaining the CSR from the server.

How will visitors know my website/application is protected with an SSL certificate?

The visitors can see the green padlock on the browser address bar if the SSL is installed on the corresponding website or the web application. The visitor can click on the padlock to view the details about the certificate. On the other hand, you can also display the SSL certificate seal on your website that can be obtained from Batoi Support Team corresponding to your certificate. This will enhance your branding and reinforce trust in your brand.


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