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Batoi is a partner of GlobalSign, the truly global SSL provider. GlobalSign is a WebTrust accredited Certification Authority (CA) and has been issuing Digital Certificates since 1996. Together we offer a range of highly credible trusted SSL Certificates to secure your website using the strongest encryption technologies available today.

Strongest and Fastest SSL

GlobalSign provides the fastest secure site load speed available. The strongest and fastest SSL means peace of mind for you and your customers.

Free Malware and Phishing Detection

Malware and Phishing detection is included with all GlobalSign SSL Certificates. It monitors your website daily for malware and alerts you if malware is found.

Device Compatibility

GlobalSign Certificates are compatible with all browsers, Operating Systems, software applications and devices (desktops, tablets, smart phones, etc).

Feature Rich

We save you cost and hassles by including features that other providers charge you extra for. You can install your Certificate on as many servers as needed without extra cost.

Accredited to the highest levels

GlobalSign has been WebTrust Compliant since 2001, one of the longest records in the industry; is one of the original Certification Authorities.

Industry Leading Support

Our Support team is here for you not just when you have a problem, but also to advise which SSL is best for your business. 24X7 support is available on chat, online ticket.


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