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Fully Managed Cloud Hosting on Cloud. High level of disaster recovery process is in place.

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Best prices and value. We manage your hosting environment fully. Your data will reside in Type IV data centers only. High level of disaster recovery process is in place.

Truly Cloud

We host on the Cloud spread across the globe in Type IV data centers. You can choose hosting for you in data centers located in the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific or India.

Performance Is Priority

We provide state of the art hosting environment to enable you to scale your websites, e-commerce portals or online applications to unpredictable traffic.

Your Data Is Secured

All our servers are monitored for security on continual basis. We have implemented firewalls rigorously, and make the hosting panels and other system access through SSL only.

Full Disaster Recovery Plan

We have comprehensive disaster recovery plans in place. We perform daily incremental backups on all our servers and retain data for a week. We also backup server images.

Right Solution for Your Need

We can customize the server environment and support requirements as per your business critical needs be in email solutions, e-commerce, migration, or live streaming.

Passionate Support

We provide instant technical support through online support tickets and telephone by highly experienced technical support staff. You can just rely on us.


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