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Domains Help Docs

Get detailed instructions and pricing information for registering your domain name, domain name transfer and domain name management needs.

Batoi Domain Name Service Features

Every domain name you buy or transfer to Batoi includes features to make getting started online easy and managing your domain name secured.

Check Supported TLDS and Prices

To see the list of TLDs supported by Batoi and their prices, visit the Pricing Page.

Register a Domain Name with Batoi

To register a new domain you must purchase at least one year of registration. Follow the instructions in the Get Started Guide.

Transfer a Domain Name to Batoi

It is not difficult to transfer your domain name to Batoi. You will need to complete some steps with your current Registrar and some steps with Batoi. The total process can take 1 to 5 days to complete.

Modify the Contact Details of Your Domain Name

Domain names have four different sets of contacts and you can change a domain name's contact information at any time. The instructions in this Help Article explains how you can update your domain name's contact information.

Please note that many questions related to domain names are answered in our FAQs and Help Articles available online for your reference.

If you need additional help, contact Batoi Support Desk.


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