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Batoi Products for Developers and Webmasters

Scalable and easy-to-use cloud services for software, website and mobile app developers, and webmasters.


Build, use and manage custom apps on the Cloud. No need of programming or writing a single line of code; manage your apps with an easy-to-use interface.


Manage your software development activity on the Cloud. Use tools to build application within and outside Batoi Cloud environment.


External Application Service facilitates managing external software applications through the Batoi Cloud securely and in a reliable manner.


Identity and Access Management on the Batoi Cloud. Manage authentication and access privileges to users.


Build your Data Objects and API end-points with ReSTful exposure and having JSON as data-exchange format.


Visualize and run various reports on your business data on the Cloud.


Build and manage websites and portals on Batoi Cloud. Publish your corporate website, blog or e-commerce storefront.


Connect to your IoT (Internet of Things) devices to the Cloud, and use device data on the Cloud to build your software applications.


Monitor and enhance your websites though a set of tools. Shorten your URL, review your website SEO quality and much more.

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