Security Audit on the Batoi RAD

Enhance Your Web Security with Batoi RAD Platform’s Security Audit Features

Dive into the world of comprehensive security for websites, web APIs, and web applications. Our advanced security audit solutions, powered by the Batoi RAD Platform, offer unparalleled protection and compliance tailored to your needs.

Security Audit on the Batoi RAD

Key Features

  • Automated Security Scanning

    Harness the power of automation to identify vulnerabilities regularly.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Stay informed with instant alerts and detailed reports on security threats.

  • Customizable Scanning Profiles

    Customize scans to meet your unique security requirements.

  • Integration with Leading Scanners

    Seamlessly compatible with industry-leading tools like Burp Suite, Netsparker, and OWASP ZAP.

Why Choose Us?

Offering a blend of diverse open-source integration, competitive pricing, and dedicated support.

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