Leverage Microservices Architecture with the Batoi RAD Platform

Experience the power of microservices architecture and revolutionize your application development process with the Batoi RAD Platform. Designed to drive innovation, enhance scalability, and boost efficiency, our platform provides an all-in-one solution to unlock the full potential of microservices.
Consulting, Security and Business Advisory
Rich Object Features for Microservices

Utilize Batoi's platform to build microservices with a wide range of objects - from simple data objects to generic code objects. Harness the power of our platform to create versatile and scalable microservices tailored to your application's needs. Learn more about Microservices and Objects.

Orchestrate Workflows

Design and implement intricate workflow states and rules with Batoi's platform. Set triggers during state transitions and connect external systems seamlessly through the API Gateway. Enhance the efficiency and automation of your application with our comprehensive workflow management capabilities.

Microservice Registry and IAM

Construct a secure Microservice Registry and ensure safe access to native and external software systems with Batoi's platform. Implement robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) features to protect your microservices and maintain the highest security standards.

Build Backend and Frontend Features

Empower your application with microservices for both backend and frontend features using Batoi's platform. Develop comprehensive and interconnected components that work together seamlessly to create a powerful and cohesive application experience.

Transform your application development process with Batoi's dynamic platform and leverage the benefits of microservices architecture. Experience seamless DevSecOps transparency, greater observability, and flexible deployment models as you create powerful, scalable applications. Unleash the full potential of microservices and propel your organization to new heights with Batoi's platform.

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