Batoi Cloud Platform (BCP)

A scalable and secured environment to build, customise and use cloud services, apps and sites.

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Batoi's Cloud Platform (BCP) offers a scalable and secured environment to build, manage and use software apps on the cloud. You can automate your workflows, build reports and collaborate in a multi-user environment. You pay as you go - based on a simple model like number of users and storage, etc.

Reduce Cost. Increase Profitability

With our innovative cloud-based products, managed offerings and expert services, you focus on your core business while we work continually to ensure that you have best possible, yet cost effective, IT solutions to enhance your business process and decision making capabilities.

Your Freedom. Our Committment.

Strong expertise in various cutting-edge technologies and synergetic partnership with leading IT providers and cloud ecosystems help you choose the right solution without constraint. You have full control over your data due to the open source route of our solutions.

Your Data Is Secured with Us

We have enforced stringent security measures at networks, servers and applications. We are ISO 27001 compliant. We have extensive program to keep your apps and data safe from evolving cyber-threats. All data transactions are done over SSL. We are capable of providing a comprehensive data security solution to an enterprise.

Simple Costing. Competitive Pricing.

The model of pricing is simple, straight forward and competitive. We accept a minimum number of parameters to measure the cost of our cloud resources; and our consultants help you to keep a tab on the expenses for your IT deployment and ongoing usage even with hybrid deployments.

Scalable. Extensible.

The platform is capable of provisioning computing resources as per your growing needs. Extend your apps and websites seamlessly with the full-fledged ReST API and in-built modules to connect to other major cloud ecosystems.

Managed Service and Support

We perform proactive monitoring of your computing systems with regard to their security, performance and optimal usage. We continually upgrade the platform and apps, and keep their health good while you concentrate on your business.

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