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Your Partner for Secure and Sustainable Digital Success. We architect solutions and manage migrations across cloud ecosystems - AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI and vanilla server systems. We integrate cutting-edge technology with core values of security and sustainability, ensuring your digital landscape thrives.
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Your Partner for Secure and Sustainable Digital Success.

Platform, Data, and API Architecture

Build a robust digital foundation with end-to-end architecture review, data flow optimization, API design, and scalability strategies.

Performance and Chaos Engineering

Strengthen your digital resilience with system stress testing, vulnerability analysis, real-world failure simulation, and continuous monitoring.

Fractional CTO Services

Benefit from the strategic insights and guidance of a CTO, customized to your venture's needs, from technology selection to engineering team development and ongoing advisory.

Why Choose Batoi Consulting and Managed Services?

Our expert team, commitment to security and sustainability, and bespoke solutions make us the ideal choice for your business's DevSecOps needs.

Proven Expertise and Innovation

Navigate the complexities of DevSecOps with our expert team, leveraging our track record of setting industry benchmarks.
Proven Expertise and Innovation
Security and Sustainability

Security and Sustainability

Our dual commitment ensures your digital practices are robustly secure and sustainably managed, preparing your digital assets for a sustainable future.

Custom, Scalable Solutions

Tailored, scalable solutions that align with your objectives, driving efficient and effective progress towards your goals.
Custom, Scalable Solutions

Success Stories

These stories just glimpse how Batoi consulting and managed services drive digital excellence. Let's create your success story together.

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