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A Comprehensive Reference Guide on Batoi OSF.

Overview of Batoi OSF Architecture

The OSF encompasses multi-tier architecture of web application, and is based on several design patterns including most notably Model-View-Controller (MVC).

Glossary of the Terms Used in the Batoi OSF

Find the list of terms that are used in the OSF and their description.

Batoi OSF Objects, Arrays and Libraries

The OSF provides three core objects to be used in application development.

Batoi OSF Application Database Structure

Database schema of Batoi OSF system tables.

Batoi OSF Application File Structure

Description and usages of the directory and file structure of Batoi OSF.

Controller in the Batoi OSF

The central script responsible for receiving a request, and returning a response in Batoi OSF.

Event in the Batoi OSF

All about event and how to use event to build an application with Batoi OSF.

Model in the Batoi OSF

The business logic development through Batoi OSF.

View in the Batoi OSF

UI development through Batoi OSF.

Users and Roles in the Batoi OSF

An introduction to the concept of managing users and roles and their access privileges.

Overview of Batoi OSF IDE

An easy to use web based tool to develop and manage your PHP application with Batoi OSF.

Batoi Coding Standards and Conventions

A set of recommended coding standards and conventions for PHP, CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 for developing applications using Batoi OSF.

Installation and Upgrades of Batoi OSF

Installing and Upgrading Batoi OSF is quite easy and fast.

The framework is lightweight yet powerful for large-scale PHP projects. The learning curve is small and reference document is available online too.

John Strong, PHP Developer

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