We have introduced as many as 12 widgets to choose from, allowing you to add image galleries, social media feeds, event calendars, latest posts, and other dynamic elements to your website.

The footer is the bottom part of your website that appears after the main content area. It is generally on every page of your website. You can use this widget area to add text, or links to your privacy policy, legal disclaimers, and other important pages.

Standard Contact Information

Make it easy for visitors to contact you. Display your contact information on your website. This is a simple addition that allows you to show information like your address. Displaying this type of information is essential for business opportunities and customer convenience. This information is pulled from the details that you have added while adding your CloudSpace, within which you have created your website.

Google Map

A large percentage of internet users visit the websites of local businesses to get directions. What better way to give directions than by providing a map? A Google maps widget is easy to implement for your website. Allows you to customize the title of the widget and embed your Google Map code.

Latest Posts

Display a list of the most recent posts. Allows you to customize the number of posts to display and whether to display the date of the posts.


Keep your website visitors apprised of your latest events in an easy-to-use widget. Allows you to present your event details, its venue, date and time on your website.


Use the widget to upload an image and display the image in any page on your website.


Embed and display a selected video from your Vimeo or YouTube channel.


Make visitors to your website take your survey. Allows you to customize and display your widget title, survey title, text of the button and the link that redirects the visitors to the location from where they take the survey.