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Batoi Launches Multimodal Publishing Platform, Phytoon

Feb 17, 2021

While the debate around the utility of social media is making headlines, quality content and full-length articles and multimedia strips are back in fashion. The audience is maturing to accept the new channels of content and are eager to contribute too. To push this effort forward and keeping in line with Batoi’s objective of providing the best quality platforms for information dissemination, we have launched a new multimodal publishing platform, Phytoon.

Designed to integrate a comprehensive set of publishing capabilities with a seamless experience, Phytoon will be equipped with publishing workflow management and monetisation tools.

The publishing platform enables people to publish articles, poems, photos, videos, sketches, cartoons and books with ease using the best in the class tools. Moreover, books are also available for reading online, downloading or even for requesting an on-demand print.

The publishing platform facilitates conducting writing contests that allow people to unleash their creativity and earn recognition.

The platform is powerful yet simple to use, meaning it is scalable and delivers time and cost savings for publishers of all sizes, be it single-journal society publishers or those dealing with thousands of books and journals.

New publishing engine of Phytoon will be lean and will support multi-format content and collaboration between contributors and consumers in the true spirit of new-age publishing platforms.
Ashwini Rath
CEO, Batoi

"The platform is currently in the BETA mode, and not all features are available at present. We are making an effort to bring these in the soonest possible time", Mr Rath added.

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