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Batoi Framework Project Plan 2012 Announced

Jan 1, 2012

In an effort to enhance the usability of the Batoi Framework IDE and to add new functional features to the framework, Batoi has announced the project plan for the year 2012.

The proposed work will involve:

  • Developing and integrating improved online code editor within the Batoi Framework IDE
  • Improving the usability parameters for reducing development cycle with Batoi Framework IDE
  • Creating an intelligent dashboard on Batoi Framework IDE for monitoring development status real-time
  • Integrating with different cloud systems for oneclick deployment of applications from Batoi Framework IDE
  • Building new libraries for specific development tasks within Batoi Framework framework
  • Developing and integrating an improved data grid within the application created with Batoi Framework framework
  • Integration with different database servers like PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • Further integration of jQuery framework to enable support for accessing applications (created with Batoi Framework framework) on desktops, tablets and mobiles
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