The Growth of Cloud Computing in India

It is a common consensus that India will play a important role in the growth of cloud computing in the coming years. This is not at all surp

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It is a common consensus that India will play a important role in the growth of cloud computing in the coming years. This is not at all surprising as the cloud will enable much more companies, not least SMEs, to enter the market quicker and more easily as well as benefit economically. And few countries, if any, are producing more SMEs than India, including IT and technology companies, although several challenges still exist – like lack of Internet access and stable electricity in some areas.

Cloud computing growing fast in India:

  • According to IDC, India is facing an information explosion with digital data growing from 40.000 petabytes in 2010 to 2.3-million petabytes in 2020 – with the cloud in the middle as Indian companies look for leveraging cost advantages.

  • According to a Gartner survey, Indian companies expect to adopt new cloud services in 2011 much faster than originally anticipated, with two-thirds of CIOs expecting the majority of IT to be running in the cloud within the next four years.

  • In earlier news, IDC reported that the Indian cloud computing market would grow at a CAGR of 40 percent by 2014, and to become a $3 billion dollar market by 2015.

  • A study for EMC, conducted by Zinnov Management Consulting, finds that private cloud in India will deliver up to 50% saving to Indian enterprises creating in the process 100,000 additional jobs by 2015.

  • Furthermore, the CEO of Zinnov claims that cloud computing will reshape the Indian IT market by generating new opportunities for IT vendors and driving changes in traditional IT offerings.

Cloud providers are preparing

However, not only research analysts are forecasting an impressive future for cloud computing in India, several large US companies like Google and Symantec are already taking aggressive steps in leveraging the Indian market. Few big names which recently joined the Google cloud are Indian Youth Congress, IndiaMART and PunjLloyd – a large engineering and design company.

Likewise, Symantec expects that within a year cloud computing will be blooming in India, although many Indian executives have listed concerns over security issues in the cloud. To address this concern, Symantec is interested in providing cloud-based security solutions specifically targeted at Indian businesses.

It is going to be very interesting to monitor the growth of cloud computing in India in the coming months and years. Undoubtedly, will both hear of a number of US companies making large investments in the Indian market as well as seeing some Indian firms become powerful global cloud providers.

Cloud Computing by Mr Ashwini Rath

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