Batoi in London Tech Week 2024

Join Batoi at London Tech Week 2024 as we showcase our AI-powered RAD Platform and discuss how we're revolutionizing software development with CEO Ashwini Rath and the team.

Batoi Corporate Office Jun 13, 2024 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Batoi, at London Tech Week 2024, showcased the Batoi RAD Platform, powered by AI and automation, that revolutionizes software engineering, attracting global interest and fostering technological collaborations.

Batoi actively participated in the London Tech Week 2024, held from June 10-12, and showcased the revolutionary capabilities of its flagship product, the RAD Platform. Our CEO, Ashwini Rath, and the team were at the event, engaging in discussions with attendees keen on exploring cutting-edge technology solutions.

At the heart of our showcase was the Batoi RAD (Rapid Application Development) Platform, which leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to redefine digital business landscapes. Businesses aiming to accelerate development, reduce time to market, achieve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and optimize internal processes have found a dependable partner in the Batoi RAD Platform.

London Tech Week 2024 allowed Batoi to engage with industry leaders, potential clients, and technology enthusiasts through demonstrations and dialogues. Our interactive demonstrations sparked insightful discussions on the future of AI and automation in business. Attendees were particularly interested in how the Batoi RAD Platform can be tailored to meet different markets and industries' unique needs.

Batoi's participation in London Tech Week 2024 is a testament to its commitment to driving digital transformation through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. The overwhelmingly positive response to the Batoi RAD platform not only reinforced our belief in tech innovation but also filled us with excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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