Batoi Conducted Second Edition of BREAK Session

Batoi conducted a two-week Internship Program - the second edition of the BREAK (Bug Research Enterprise Assurance Knowledge Dissemination) session.

Batoi Corporate Office Jun 16, 2022 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Batoi conducted a two-week Internship Program - the second edition of the BREAK (Bug Research Enterprise Assurance Knowledge Dissemination) session. The program was named "CloudSpace Break Session" for school and college students for ten days as part of the Junior Summer Internship. The goal of this internship program was to facilitate students in learning the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and its applications. The program also taught the students how to operate the Batoi CloudSpace.

The program's design stimulated students to get more enthusiastic, participate more, and connect it to practical aspects of a business. During the initial training phase, students engaged in topics including blockchain, IoT, digital technologies, cloud computing, and ERP. Later, the students entered a four-day simulation of two imaginary companies who needed to shift their business to a cloud and manage it through an effective ERP system.

Amidst all the learning, students also had the opportunity to have three interactive sessions with Mr Ashwini Kumar Rath (Director and CEO). They also demonstrated their understanding after one week of training in the form of a presentation in the presence of Mr Rath.

Students were introduced to the first scenario during the second phase of the internship, Print Pirates (a fictional medium-sized printing firm), focusing on sales management, lead process management, office operations management, and e-commerce management. The students were divided into two groups and were told to come up with two company concepts that leveraged cloud computing technologies as their offering. They were assessed and given insightful input.

They were assigned jobs and roles inside the corporation based on organizational structure. They learned their functional work processes by creating ‘Opportunities’, ‘Customers’, and ‘Inventory’ based on the situation and lead provided. Students worked on leads and executed them, from entering potential leads into the system as opportunities to closing the deal. They were also taught how to manage tickets and carry out crucial CRM activities for complaints.

The following fictional scenario was of Merry Milk. This new-age start-up believes in integrating technology with current best practices of the milk processing industry and has grabbed quite the market share in Bhopal in the one and a half years of its operations. The scenario focused on supply chain, asset, and project management.

The session ended on June 15, and the participating students were given certificates to recognize their effort and achievements in completing the internship program.

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