Batoi Open Source Initiative - Advocacy for Open-source

Batoi strongly advocates for open-source software to bring transparency in software development and security management processes.
Transparency in Code and Architecture
Transparency in Code and Architecture
Community development and comprehensive documentation.
The open-source project management model and best practices enhance the quality of source code, software architecture, and security.
Speed of Innovation in Software-making
Speed of Innovation in Software-making
Leading the way the software is made along with the evolving digital technologies.
The gravitating nature of open-source models attracts the best talents and ensures progressive software-making and management.
Sustainability of a Digital Ecosystem
Sustainability of a Digital Ecosystem
Proven success for decades and growing ecosystem of developers and researchers.
The availability of free source code along with commercial models creates a unique opportunity for all to avail of the benefits of digital technologies.
Join our community of innovation and research

Join our initiative of innovation and research.
Code, design and document with the best.

Participate in one or more projects from our many leading projects in digital technologies - get recognition and a way to enter Batoi’s core software team too.

Build IT with Open Source

Innovations at Batoi is driven by an open-source software-making approach.
Open Innovation
The open architecture and open culture in software-making bring faster innovation and transparency.
GPL License
Easy to use license. The user or developer will need to mention the source only. The software can be used for commercial purposes too.
Community Support
You get support from a large community of users and developers. In the case of commercial support, you may contact us too.

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