Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform

Build multi-user enterprise-grade applications with API. Integrate blockchain, AI, AR/VR, and IoT capabilities into your application. Deploy anywhere with access to source code, documentation, and telemetry.


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Rapid Application Development Platform

Platform for Faster Realization of Software Applications

Batoi offers both professional developers and business technologists the ability to go live faster, run the software independent of the platform, and get access to the source code.
Build applications and APIs using pre-built microservices.

ERP, CRM Features

Fit multi-user scanarios

Blockchains and dApps

AI, AR/VR, and IoT capabilities

Increase profitability with the Batoi platform.
Integrate with third-party software systems.

Cloud services

Communication Tools

Productivity tools

Business Applications

Batoi RAD solutions have found usage in many organizations.

“Batoi's after-sales support is amazing. Whenever we have any technical difficulties, we call them for quick support.”
Satish Birudukota, IQ4I Research & Consultancy
“We are very happy with the services from Batoi. We thank the Batoi Team for all their support.”
Sachidananda Pattanaik, Reseapro
“Batoi cloud platform has a very user-friendly and lightweight interface...”
Siddharth Mishra, Nest-In (Tata Steel)

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