Certification courses for applications of like ICT, Energy, Environment, Health and Smart Governance.

Batoi's partnership with UMass Dartmouth CIE delivers a broad range of certification courses for Applications of ICT, Energy, Environment, Health and Smart Governance. The courses are short duration courses delivered through our 3-day Certificate Program or the intensive 4-week Certificate Program. These courses are delivered in coordination with local partners who meet the qualifying guidelines. Some selected courses in the 4-week Certificate Programs provide the unique opportunity to participate in the on-site, practical application of the topics covered in the classroom at UMass Dartmouth and the CIE facility in Fall River, Massachusetts.

3-day Certificate Programs

Lectures are delivered by the faculty from University of Massachusetts and supported by the local staff at our partner universities. These courses deliver the practical information you need to gain the knowledge of the important topics in the subject and the foundation you need to address your day to day challenges at work or to start you off on the road to a new career.

4-week Certificate Programs

These intensive programs deliver the in-depth knowledge needed to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The classes are delivered by world class faculty and provide the detailed exposure professionals need to advance their career to the next level and beyond. Selected programs include the opportunity to travel to the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Fall River Massachusetts, USA. This is a unique learning experience that allows you to go onsite and interact with the UMass faculty, students and the experts, labs and emerging technology companies at the CIE. Experience the real world application of the information and theories discussed in the classroom, see first-hand how this knowledge is applied in the development and manufacture of products and explore the possibilities of their applications locally.

Upon successful completion you will be awarded a Certificate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This association will usher in a new era of collaboration between Indian companies and academic institutions...

Tobias Stapleton, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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