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This document contains frequently asked questions about UMass Dartmouth CIE Technology Program.

What is the objective of this partnership and why should I enroll in these programs?

This program was developed by Batoi and BCube as a result of its association with the UMass CIE and UMass Dartmouth. As growing technology companies, we recognized the value of combining world class academics with the practical expertise needed to commercialize products and ideas and to deliver real world results. With this partnership we are bringing this powerful solution to the growing Indian market in the areas of Energy, Environment, Health and Smart Governance. Read our press release for more details.

The advantage for you is the ability to get first class academics and the expertise to put this knowledge to work. Employers expect you have the academic training but also want real world exposure. Combining these elements will help you to stand out in the crowd and give you the knowledge and real world exposure to advance your career.

Will UMass Dartmouth deliver academic programs in other institutes through this program?

The goal of this program is to partner with leading Universities in India having the relevant expertise in the subject area of the course. This ensures our students are provided the best value and flexibility as they pursue their studies. Indian Universities recognize the benefits of bringing to India a level of excellence and practical experience offered by the UMass system which includes schools in engineering, bio technologies, law, public policy and medicine. In addition, the faculty at the CIE have worked with professors from both India and China to conduct experiments at the CIE’s facilities. This serves to strengthen the collaboration, the quality and understanding of the content, acceptance of these programs and to provide you with your best educational value.

Will my certificate as a learner be issued from UMass or the local institute?

The certificate will be issued by the UMass Dartmouth Center of Excellence. The Center is a modern facility maintained by UMass Dartmouth that provides a powerful channel for its academics and research to help in the development and commercialization of products in advanced technologies. The partner institutions/universities in India can also issue their certification to this program - offering the candidates the best value.

Is the academic program delivery under this partnership purely online?

Course work will include several delivery components, depending on the subject matter and duration of the program.

The 3-day certification program will be delivered by UMass faculty using state of the art video conferencing and will include case studies and other hands-on activities that will be conducted at the local Universities and supported by the trained local staff.

The intensive 4-week certification programs will include the relevant hands on lab experiments and/or other appropriate outside field study/case work, all under the guidance of local staff. The local staff will work with the UMass faculty to develop experiments and/or case work to provide the practical experience you need to succeed.

In addition, for selected courses, there will be the opportunity to travel to UMass Dartmouth and the CIE at Fall River, MA and spend a week with the UMass faculty, conduct experiments, field study and technology company tours and to see the live applications. For example, the water management course includes a demonstration of water quality sample collection and testing, the use of an autonomous underwater vehicle for practical applications, etc. Not only do you get an opportunity to see the how sampling process is done, you also get to see what it takes to develop and put into the water an advanced device.

What is the objective of the Center of Excellence?

UMass Dartmouth CIE provides expertise in research and experimentation, modern labs, product development, prototyping facilities and office space for growing companies in various technologies.

As part of this program, we will be partnered with leading institutions, various local and central governments in India to provide unmatched value, world class academics and practical application from a leading US University and the recognition of our partner schools in India. Our goal is to deliver top-tier educational content delivered by our leading faculty and exposure to the practical application of the knowledge. Education without practical application and exposure is not enough to make you stand out in the crowd. We provide you the opportunity to interact with leading researcher and a facility that has companies that demonstrate this model every day. Simply stated, the objective of the CIE is to provide you the best value and experience for your educational efforts. Your success is our success.

What are the programs, and the duration of each program? What is the mode of delivery?

There are two types of short duration programs:

3-day Certificate Programs: Provides a comprehensive exposure to the topics that are critical to understanding the subject matter. They are for career professionals who want to refresh their knowledge of the subject or for those who want to develop their understanding of the subject/make their career in this field. The programs are delivered in important topics related to the application of ICT to areas of Energy, Environment, Health and Smart Governance.

4-week Certificate Programs: These courses extend the 3-day Programs and are for participants in the field or intending to make a career in this field. They provide detailed exploration of the current and emerging technologies that relate to the subject. Courses will be delivered by UMass faculty in the facilities of our Indian partner Universities. The UMass faculty will coordinate with the Indian University staff to develop and deliver appropriate hands-on experiments in the lab and or case studies to provide the type of practical experience needed to ensure you have the ability to apply the knowledge gained in the course.

For selected 4-week courses, the participants will have the opportunity to travel to UMass Dartmouth and the CIE in Fall River, Massachusetts to see the application of the course materials in a real world application. For example in the Water Management course, the activities include sampling the water quality of a municipal water supply, visit to a local water treatment plant, using an autonomous underwater vehicle for capturing information, etc. During the visit, students will also have an opportunity to visit the UMass Dartmouth campus as well as the companies at the CIE who are using its research and prototyping facilities to produce commercially viable products like the underwater vehicles.

Who are your target segments?

Our courses have been developed to provide an alternative for those who are looking for both a world class educational experience and exposure to the practical application of the course materials.

The 3-day certification program courses are well suited for those who would like to start a career in an area and need a better understanding of the topic or for those who deal with the subject matter in their current positions but would like to be more informed about the important topics relating to the subject.

The 4-week certification program courses are designed to provide in-depth understanding for subject area practitioners who want to expand their knowledge of the subject matter and participate in real world applications of ICT they gain through their participation in the course.

Does UMass offer any online Corporate Training programs for large companies?

Yes. These types of programs are routinely delivered for a broad range of topics. Corporate Training programs can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Please contact us with your specific needs and we can develop an appropriate training program to meet your requirements.

Can your online products integrate with our organization's LMS?

These programs are delivered using the Batoi LMS and available from any internet connected device. The delivery at partner colleges will have the relevant infrastructure to provide uninterrupted access to the program content for the entire duration of the program.

Who are UMass’s Training instructors?

Our Instructors are selected from noted faculty at UMass. Presenters are faculty with in-depth expertise and knowledge in the specific area as well as experience applying the topical subject matter to real world applications.

How do you demonstrate the value of your Corporate Training programs?

Ultimately the value from any Corporate Training is the positive effect you and your staff gain from participating in the program. We involve you in the process, and have you identify your objectives so that we can provide the most qualified presenters, the relevant curriculum to provide you with a value packed delivery along with measurement criteria to determine your success. In short, we measure and demonstrate our success by your success.

Can UMass deliver Corporate Training programs at our offices? What about in multiple locations?

Our training programs are delivered at partner institutions (Universities, Colleges, Government Institutions or even corporate premises). We partner with institutions based on the specified qualifying partner guidelines. For corporate training, if the relevant infrastructure is available, these can be delivered at their locations as well. Multiple locations can also be supported depending on the nature of the program and demand. Please contact us with your specific needs.

How many participants does a UMass training program usually accommodate?

Normally classes require a minimum strength of 30 to 35 students.

How does UMass price the Corporate Training programs?

Pricing will depend on your specific needs. Please contact us to get more details on corporate training programs.

Is there any Evaluation & Certification Process in UMass Training?

As part of the curriculum, case studies and or lab experiments will be assigned to enhance the experience and provide real world applications. The certification will be provided upon completion of all the required tasks successfully and to the expectation as required by the program.

Where in India we can get the UMass Training?

For every course, you can find the list of partner institutions where the program is offered. Our partner institutions are world class organizations and meet the following guidelines. Once we announce the course, you can see the list of institutions. Initially, the program is being rolled out in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. However, we are working hard to bring it to all the States and Union Territories.

This association will usher in a new era of collaboration between Indian companies and academic institutions...

Tobias Stapleton, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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