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Establishment of a center of excellence to support the continuous process improvement, enterprise performance management, quality assurance and more.

We propose to establish a Center of Excellence in the areas of Electronics and Information Technology (E&IT) and intend to provide commercially viable and self-sustained educational programs combined with the support and research, product development and as ecosystem to foster the commercialization of products and technologies. The program will have special emphasis on the electronics and IT intervention in the areas of health, energy, environment and smart governance.

Different areas (with IT intervention) like Computer technologies (including the IoT, Big Data Analytics. Cyber Security and Cloud Computing), Waste management including Electronic Waste, Water Resources Management; Marine Robotics and Underwater Autonomous Vehicles, Oceanography (Research & Practical Applications), Renewable Energy & Alternate sources of power, Public Healthcare, Robotic Surgery, Medical Device Technology, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Tools and applications for Banking, Finance, Insurance, Regulatory Compliance, Health, Trade, Public Policy, Smart Governance, Drones and Space Technologies may be included into the program.

The operational model will be based on the current CIE Operating model. This approach is based on the integration of academic research, content developed by world class faculty and experts who are applying these resources in marketplaces. This will include well equipped laboratories and advanced technology machine shops for product prototyping and development, the practical application of the research and educational content to develop the next generation of goods and services that will be demanded in the growing Indian market. This infrastructure is supplemented with experts with hands on experience in the use of these resources to help students apply their knowledge to create and grow innovative companies. Finally, the model includes incubator facilities to allow the academics and their practical applications to co-exist in a single facility that will create and support and ecosystem for emerging entrepreneurs.

This association will usher in a new era of collaboration between Indian companies and academic institutions...

Tobias Stapleton, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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