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FAQs: Cloud Computing - General

Answers to your frequently asked questions about Cloud Computing Trainig and Certification Program.

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What are the current issues and challenges for the Entrepreneurs and business managers, and how should we approach in solving those?

While there have been many schemes and channels for entrepreneurs to succeed in their business venture, many a time they lack the requisite technology capabilities and tools to make their business competitive. In today's age, the parameter of success for any business rely heavily on the way it manages data for business process, customer relationship management, successful participation in the respective supply chain and above all to have an competitive edge in the market.

All the above needs for a business, particularly a startup, are rather simple and straight forward with right blend of technologies and tools. Cloud Computing, Big Data and Business Analytics have transformed the way business work and compete in a market for its survival and growth. It can be simple step like having emails and messaging systems, online presence with a website and successful engagement in social media, or doing e-commerce transactions with various payment methods. It can also encompass organizational activities like data management, day-to-day accounting, or even competitive intelligence and judicious financial and other business decision online.

How can the model of Cloud Computing support entrepreneurs and business managers in addressing or resolving the above issues or challenges?

The model of Cloud Computing inherently adheres to subscription of hardware and software infrastructure as service. The business does not need to do upfront large capital investment in setting up hardware and networks. They do not need to invest into perpetual license procurement or DevOps leading to create a custom software. Now, they have the option of going for a subscription model where they only need to go for a significantly lower operational expenditure for their IT requirements.

What are the effort and cost involved in learning and implementing Cloud-based solutions for a business?

It can be quite easy with right tools and learning approach. On the other hand, the task looks very difficult if one is encountered with multitudes of jargons specific to different Cloud ecosystems like AWS or Azure or any other. In short, clarity in concepts and usage of right tools to develop and deploy applications on Cloud will make the task lot easier.

If you compare the traditional IT infrastructure implementation with its corresponding cloud-based solution, it will be negligible in case of the latter in terms of effort and cost. On the other hand, it may be a tricky issue in choosing right Cloud ecosystem, tools and solutions that can have significant impact with our choice.

Will this program cover PaaS, IaaS, SaaS?

Yes. It will cover all the three service levels IaaS, PaaS and Saas with a focus on practical usage from the perspective of an application developer or a businessman.

I am new to computer (know only basics), can I join this program?

Yes, you can learn as long as you are open to learn new technology and tools. However, working experience in one of the programming language apart from basic understanding of web architecture would certainly be a plus.

Is there any exam in this program? What is the pass mark?

There will be quizzes in between lessons and a comprehensive test at the end of the program. 90% attendance including completion of quizzes and test will give a Successful Course Completion Certificate. Learner securing more than 70% mark will be eligible to obtain a "Developer Certificate" from Batoi.

Will the certificate help me in getting job?

While the certificate will act as a definite credential to secure suitable job in the market, learner will be able to create commercial apps and pursue a life of an entrepreneur. Especially, Batoi will also offer learners who are eligible for “Developer Certificate”, to commercialize their apps and enrol them in Batoi Partner Network.

Will we get introduction to Cloud Systems like Microsoft Azure & AWS?

Yes, there will be sessions on different cloud ecosystems and how to deploy applications there.

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