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Industry-wise Solutions

Batoi solutions addresses the unique needs of industry verticals and help them get more efficient, maximize value and improve their return on investment.

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance companies depend heavily on analytics apart from using IT to manage their operations and financial transactions. Batoi provides secure software tools and infrastructure, and IT solutions that can be deployed onsite as situation often demands.

Education and Research

Education and Research requires collaborative learning infrastructure and tools to manage workflows. Batoi solutions enable the customers to deploy learning communities, LMS and workflow tools for their needs.

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Government and Social Sector

Government and defense departments require very high-level of security and on-premises systems to use and manage their IT. Batoi provides custom tools and Apps that can be deployed at onsite datacenter and can then be managed independently.

The Mail Organizer App has been especially useful for us in helping us search files, using multiple search options that has simplified our workflow, by reducing our paperwork, time and manpower.
(Lt. Col. V Srinivas, Station Head Quarters, Chandipur)


The companies in the Healthcare sector require management of patient records and statutory documents securely, and tracking appointments and drug stocks effectively. Batoi solutions help hospitals, freelance doctors and pharmacies manage their operation in a productive way.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Manufacturing and Engineering companies need to manage their supply chains and operational activities apart from meeting various statutory norms. Batoi ERP solutions help companies manage their operational data and take smart decisions.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies have continual communications requirements with their customers apart from high resource usage needs during different period of operation. BATOI enterprise solutions provides collaboration and workflow management tools to meet their needs.

Professional Service Firms

Professional Service Firms require low IT overheads and freedom of accessing their business data securely. Batoi's turnkey cloud solutions enables firms to manage their website, business operation and customer services effectively.

Realty and Infrastructure

Real-estate and infrastructure companies face difficulty in managing the diverse operational requirements and coping with the scale. Batoi provides ERP solution that enables business owners and managers to manage and track the operation and costs involved.

Travel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality companies require quick and cost effective ways to manage their websites and backend operations. Batoi provides turnkey cloud solutions for the purpose apart from other tools to enable these companies to be in touch with their guests regularly.

Companies in Travel and Tourism industries require extensive communications with their prospects and customers about their products and services. Batoi provides communication and collaboration tools apart from those to manage their workflows.

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