Poliomyelitis, as polio is scientifically known, is an acute viral infection of human intestine. But it may also affect the nervous system in about 1% and cause paralysis to any part of the body, or even result in the death of the patient. This disease affects mainly children who are vulnerable to the infection of polio by spreading from one child to another. If one child carries the germs of this disease, then he may also transfer this disease to another child. It spreads in unhygienic conditions, and is therefore likely to affect (a) people living in unsanitary conditions, and (b) children who are weak, or are suffering from malnutrition or have low body resistance. There is no sure and effective cure for polio, therefore the only strategy can be to eradicate it completely. As it is the continuous sensitization programme of the agency, this year the agency taking massive campaigning programme on Pulse polio immunisation in Raghunathpur blocks of Jagatsinghpur district. A Team of 9 members from picked some interior villages of Jagatsinghpur district did a house to house survey in the village and encouraged young mothers to go to the Pulse Polio booths. As a gesture of motivation, fruits and biscuit packets were distributed to all the children who attended the pulse polio program. The teams were also involved in administering polio drops.