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Product Features

Trust the best. Activate the yellow padlock, https and Green Address Bar for the highest levels of strong security and trust in your website, corporate assets and online brand.

SSL should be used to secure all your website transactions, logins, webmail and connections. By using the strongest levels of security, you will increase confidence and trust in your online brand, increase your conversions and ultimately your revenues.

  • 2048 bit future proof SSL Certificates
  • SGC security for minimum 128 bit to 256 bit SSL encryption levels
  • Universal Compatibility with all browsers and devices
  • Wildcard SSL and Unified Communications SSL - Simple cost effective support for complex multi-domain server configurations
  • Secures both www.domain.com and domain.com (without the www)
  • Trust enhancing clickable Secure Site Seal
  • Unlimited reissues / replacements for lifetime of Certificate
  • Warranty - underwritten Liability Program with warranties up to 0k
GlobalSign SSL

Different Categories of SSL Certificates


  • Best Priced & Limited Features
  • Domain verification
  • Available for single domain and wildcard


  • Full-featured Certificate
  • Domain verification
  • Available for single domain and wildcard


  • Full-featured Certificate
  • Organization verification
  • Available for single domain and wildcard

ExtendedSSL (EV)

  • Activates green address bar
  • 360 Authentication
  • Creates enormous trust online
  • Applies to single domain only


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