As the first set of tools for Batoi Private Cloud, we are glad to announce the release of Cloud Studio (Standard Edition). This enables the tenants of Private Clouds to create useful Apps without using any programming knowledge.

The Cloud Studio is a powerful software platform equipped with a set of intuitive GUI tools for creating and managing Cloud Apps on Batoi Private Clouds. The platform is based on a modified and enhanced version of Batoi Open Source Framework.

The user data is stored in a simple tabular way with the help of Dataset – it has rows and columns to identify any data stored in it. Once data storage schema (with Dataset) is created, it can be used in multiple ways by creating menus on App. The menu of an App can be simply a link pointing to a page on Internet or can be a Datagrid with full-fledged data manipulation options for the allowed users.

Accessing any data on an App on Batoi Private Cloud adheres to a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) scheme. The implemented scheme provides multi-layered security for accessing data by users. However, for normal usage, users are assigned a role that can be allowed different privileges. The privileges are always bundled into a menu; and thus, linking a role to a menu implies allowed access for the corresponding users. The comprehensive security measures built into the BATOI Cloud Studio protect against wrongful access to business data stored by users in the Cloud.

Apart from the tools to create Apps, there are facilities to monitor resource usage by Apps and to track the access of resources by users through Lifestream.

It is not about how best you are with technology to develop applications, but rather how best application would be without knowing technology. It is all about building a robust and secured application quickly, and start using it right on. - Mr Ashwini Rath, Director and CEO of Batoi