Build custom forms and data grids with ease.

Create, deploy and manage APIs and Apps open source. DevSecOps becomes simpler and better.
Affiliate Application: Manage applications from startups and fledglings to be the part of IC.
Lifecycle Metric: Track progress and performance of affiliates along different parameters from Registration to Graduation.
Partner Engagement: Engage with mentors, experts and investors, possibility of global resource matching through Batoi Innovate.
Training & Coaching: Track training sessions; create and manage engagement calendar with one-to-one or collective workshops.
Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management.

Map your work space, common facilities like conference rooms, laboratories in terms of its physical and temporal availability. Upload pictures, include description, and categorise with different customisable parameters.
Create tax invoices based on various line items like rental, per-use items, subscriptions to value-added services. Options for payment online and offline.



24/ 7




Web and Dashboard

Users can view all the assigned menus and tools from the navigation menu. Integrate your App to your existing public website, or launch your public website from the App itself. Get your domain name of your choice too.

Data and charts within different apps are available in widget (card) form. A widget shows latest updates, or latest status of something; it helps user peep into the data and get alerted about the updates or trends.

Web and Dashboard
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
Option for integrating with chosen Payment Gateways – Batoi Pay App
Executive Shop
Executive Shop
A microsite for ordering stationery, software licenses, subscriptions, etc.
Inventory and Accounting
Further integration seamlessly with relevant Batoi Apps.

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