Finally, Opendelight (version 1.0) is out! Also, people have started to download the framework and have used it.

I would like to give a brief about the journey from ash.MVC to Opendelight. ash.MVC was being used by many people just because it is simple and no learning was needed. However, it did not have any native library, no scaffolding tool, etc. On the other hand, the frameworks having such features are complex to handle and have a stiff learning curve. I thought of going in a different direction.

I wanted to provide all the important features in the new framework, and even a tool to develop an application within. However, I tried to go a bit ahead by including the management of user access privilege and security aspects within the framework automatically so that developer does not need to be worried. Thus Opendelight was born.

Opendelight works in a minimal architectural prescription where three objects (database, application, and user) interact to provide the basic application structure for the developer. The developer is supposed to focus only on user interface and business logic rather than building libraries or even using libraries for access privileges and security management. The central pattern used for the new framework remains the same Model-View-Controller (MVC).

We have provided comprehensive documentation for the framework both online and as PDF downloads on the website. The framework along with IDE (Integrated Development Framework) is available on the website free. After all, it is open source!