On the eve of the countdown towards launching the Batoi Apps Cloud (BAC) across India, Batoi hosted a Developers Bootcamp in its corporate office in Bhubaneswar on Dec 03, 2016.

The Bootcamp was a small one designed for PHP and Web Developers to introduce them to Opendelight, our PHP application development framework. During the boot camp, there was a session on a conceptual discussion about the Opendelight.

Abstract: The framework exploits the multi-tier architecture of the Internet, and is based on a robust foundation of data storage and access mechanisms. It provides an excellent and easy way to create adaptive applications that can be used across devices, and a comprehensive API suite to connect to other software systems and IoT sensors. The data management is controlled through different design patterns and Role-Base Access Control (RBAC) scheme. The open-source nature of the framework boosts the interoperability of data and applications across computing platforms.

Apart from this, there was a hands-on experience session, wherein the participants learned how to install and use the Opendelight to create and manage their software applications with ease, which can help them to save their productive time and reduce bugs in the software. Each of the participants received an Open Source App created using the Opendelight to use and learn.

During the Bootcamp, the participants were also introduced to the Batoi Apps Cloud (BAC) and the Batoi Developers Program.

The Bootcamp also provided an opportunity for developers with different expertise to network and share ideas.