Portal, App, Mobile App
App behind ~/public_html/
SaaS file store folder-structure management - (yyyy/mm/dd/)/(yyyy/mm/dd/) (/)/(/)
Mobile App config and deployment

The Route, Event and Controller, Languages, countries/state (localization)
Multi-currency, multi-tax, timezone, IP
Data, Workflow and triggers, Electronic Record Management, Meta management
Grid (data management) and report/chart management
Push Notifications and real-time communications
Email/SMS notifications and messaging

API Management, ReST API Testing, Documentation of API

Login Management procedures
SSO, MFA, Sign in and Registration, roles and permission management (IP based, time-based)
SaaS and Global Users, Multi-category SaaS
Audit Log

Multiple server deployments (zones)
Deployment to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, cPanel servers, etc.
Version Management (Site and API)
Migration (versions and deployments) for files and DBs
Docker and Kubernetes Support
CDN Transfer or connect (AWS, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, one drive, etc.) for multi-tenant or for each tenant
3rd Party API connect
Browser extensions Building and Automation
Dependency management and 3rd party libraries
Turnkey AppsVault
Apps, API and Theme Marketplace

Security and testing architecture and automation
Documentation of software and release notes
Code archive management

Developers Users access and management User Site Data Management